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Listings (at end of month) 423270(153) (36.17)
Sales 37751513836.60
$ Volume $203,347,200$321,462,20091,115,00044.81
Average Sale Price $539,720$624,200$84,48015.65
Median Sale Price $536,000$590,000$54,000 10,07

Year to the end of the month of NOVEMBER

Total Residential Sales 5,1185,4523346.53
Total $ Volume $2,640,569,200$3,276,786,800$636,227,600 24.09

Previous 12 months versus last 12 months   

  Dec 18 - Nov 19Dec 19 - Nov 20Change%
Total Residential Sales 5,3665,6833175.91
Total $ Volume $3,012,682,900$3,880,607,100$867,924,200 28.81

All information based on MLS® data owned by Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS covering, 01/01/91 to 11/30/20, is considered accurate but cannot be guaranteed.  Listing numbers based on number as of last day of month. Sales information does not include properties listed for rent & rented or those which do not provide year-round occupancy.

NOTES:  FOURTH CONSECUTIVE MONTH OF RECORD SALES. THE FIFTH STRAIGHT RECORD MONTH FOR SALES. Only November 2016 saw greater sales. November 2020 beats the five-year average for sales by 10.5%. Although the number of sales was down 22% from the October number it was still a very bust month. The only thing holding the number back from being even higher was the lack of listings. I have never seen so few listings available as the month ended. Sales over asking price topped 7 of every 10 sales. Activity has been consistently space-out over all price ranges which has kept the average and median price flat. December is going to be a fantastic month to sell a home.

George Patton

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