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  AUGUST 19AUGUST 20Change%
Listings (at end of month) 89428(161) (27.33)
Sales 42160017942.52
$ Volume $216,913,000$369,431,600152,518,60070.31
Average Sale Price $515,230$615,720$100,49019.5
Median Sale Price $494,900$589,000$94,100 19.01

Year to the end of the month of AUGUST

Total Residential Sales 3,7753,599(176)(4.66)
Total $ Volume $1,927,621,300$2,120,061,800$192,440,500 9.98

Previous 12 months versus last 12 months   

  Sept 18 - Aug 19Sept 19 - Aug 20Change%
Total Residential Sales 5,3545,173(181)(3.38)
Total $ Volume $2,760,533,000$3,191,888,200$431,355,200 15.63

All information based on MLS® data owned by Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS covering, 01/01/91 to 08/31/20, is considered accurate but cannot be guaranteed.  Listing numbers based on number as of last day of month. Sales information does not include properties listed for rent & rented or those which do not provide year-round occupancy.

NOTES:  In spite of the pandemic we are seeing sales in 2020 less than 5% behind those of 2019. While almost 3 of every 10 sales in August were for more than $700,000, there was a slight decline in sales over $1 million which helped both the average and median prices pull back from July's record levels. Out of town buyers and low, low interest rates are keeping our market in oversold territory. It doesn't appear that this will be any different in September.  

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