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In Town Residential Properties

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Listings 516655139 26.94
Sales 469412(54)(11.51)
$ Volume 182,786,500177,859,9004,926,6002.70
Average Sale Price 389,660431,70042,05014.73
Median Sale Price 357,500410,00052,50010.79

Year to the end of the month of September

Total Residential Sales 4,7954,816210.44
Total $ Volume 1,781,425,4002,238,298,600456,873,200 25.65

Previous 12 months versus last 12 months   

   Oct 15 to Sep 16Aug 16 to Sep 17Change%
Total Residential Sales 5,8686,0812133.63
Total $ Volume 2,147,664,4002,787,601,100639,936,700 29.80

All information based on MLS® data owned by Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS covering, 01/01/91 to 09/30/17, is considered accurate but cannot be guaranteed.  Listing numbers based on number as of last business day of month. Sales information does not include properties listed for rent & rented or those which do not provide year-round occupancy.

NOTES:  We continue to be part of a market in transition. We did not see the strong fall bounce that could have happened in September. Still, there were multiple offers on some listings with 35% of sales being above the asking price. A major cause is the lack of listings. Three quarters of total sales for September were below $500,000 but listings over $500,000 represented 45% of total properties for sale at the end of the month. So, 55% of listings are sought after by 75% of buyers. Although average & median prices have fallen, values are holding with average price up 14% and median price up 16.6% from the same period last year.



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