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In Town Residential Properties

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Listings 42949869 16.08
Sales 2412692811.62
$ Volume 102,927,200127,107,50024,180,30023.49
Average Sale Price 427,080472,52045,44010.64
Median Sale Price 417,000450,00033,000 7.91

Year to the end of the month of January

Total Residential Sales as above   
Total $ Volume as above    

Previous 12 months versus last 12 months   

  Feb 17 - Jan 18Feb 18 - Jan 19Change%
Total Residential Sales 5,8835,355(558)(8.98)
Total $ Volume 2,707,899,3002,548,266,300(159,633,000) (5.89)

All information based on MLS® data owned by Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS covering, 01/01/91 to 01/31/19, is considered accurate but cannot be guaranteed.  Listing numbers based on number as of last day of month. Sales information does not include properties listed for rent & rented or those which do not provide year-round occupancy.

NOTES:  If you bought a K-W residential property in 2010 it is likely that its value has increased by about 70%.

Our market is still busy in certain price ranges and, although about 30% of sales are above asking price we are seeing multiple offers where all offers are below asking price and contain conditions.

The increases in average and median prices year over year should not be construed as values jumping up. In fact, both average and median prices were flat from December 2018 to January 2019 and within a range similar to most of 2018.


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