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  JULY 16JULY 17Change%
Listings 64768538 5.80
Sales 556495(61)(11.00)
$ Volume 209,790,900220,527,80010,736,9005.10
Average Sale Price 377,320445,51067,89018.00
Median Sale Price 350,500410,00059,50017.00

Year to the end of the month of July

Total Residential Sales 3,7933,9351423.74
Total $ Volume 1,391,305,3001,851,123,300459,818,000 33.05

Previous 12 months versus last 12 months   

  Aug15 to July16Aug 16 to July 17Change%
Total Residential Sales 5,6506,2025529.77
Total $ Volume 2,023,752,3002,790,545,900766,793,600 37.89

All information based on MLS® data owned by Kitchener-Waterloo Association of REALTORS covering, 01/01/91 to 07/31/17, is considered accurate but cannot be guaranteed.  Listing numbers based on number as of last business day of month. Sales information does not include properties listed for rent & rented or those which do not provide year-round occupancy.

NOTES:  Sales for July saw a considerable drop from May and June but still were slightly above the 5 year average (484). Sales of high end houses [sales over $550,000) showed the second consecutive month of reduced activity. They represented only 22% of total sales [up from 20% in June]. That number was around 30% in March/April/May.

Listings asking under $460,000 generally saw more activity than those above that number as firt time buyers were able to get into what has become a much more balanced market. Listings selling for more than asking ptice dropped below 44% of total sales and many of those were for amounts only a few hundred dollars over list price..


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